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Elevating Building Security in Today’s High-Risk Landscape

In today's fast-changing world of security threats, it's crucial to have strong building security measures in place. A startling 34% of businesses have experienced some security breach within the last year, according to a recent report. Organizations across sectors—from private schools and medical buildings to multi-story office complexes and manufacturing facilities—are fortifying their defenses with advanced access controls, real-time intrusion detection systems, and 24/7 surveillance

Intrusion and Access Controls Benefits During an Active Shooter Situation in a Building

Let's talk about a scenario we all dread but can't afford to ignore: an active shooter situation. In environments where the stakes are high and seconds count, such as shopping malls, sporting events, schools, and hospitals, a robust security setup isn't just a feature—it's a necessity. Now, you might be asking, how exactly do these systems protect us during such high-stress situations? Well, let's dive in.

The Hidden Risks of Aged Security Infrastructure for Rochester NY Businesses

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on what we often discover during a Physical Security Risk Assessment. If your security is rock-solid, this may be the reality check you didn't know you needed. We're diving into the critical security system vulnerabilities often overshadowed by other operational concerns. Spoiler alert: Aged Security Infrastructure is a ticking time bomb.